New Year…New Opportunity…New Growth

New Year2016 is here!  How is it going thus far?  If you are like me, your New Year’s resolution might be a work in progress in your mind versus an actual resolution.  I am still fleshing out what I am thinking I would like to do this year, hence this blog.  The good news is I am thinking about it.

Now, some take an entirely different approach to New Year’s resolutions.  For instance, my sister-in-law said she is going to focus on doing things that are spiritual.  For her, the New Year is a chance to refocus on her relationship with God and how that impacts others in her life.  I like it!  I see that as kind of like a pre-Lenten commitment plan.  Still, others tend to typically focus on self-transformation such as with their body image and physical health.  This is very good as we must always remember that our “bodies are temples of the holy spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).   But we must also remember, as St. Paul exhorted St. Timothy, that physical exercises have limited value compared to the spiritual (1 Timothy 4:8).

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TKM Brings Christ to the 2015 Philly Wing Bowl

The King's Men, Wing Bowl Outreach, fight pornography

Battlers from inaugural 2014 Wing Bowl Outreach

In the wake of our recent Federal Court Victory, as The King’s Men pondered our 2nd annual outreach at the Wing Bowl, our primary thinking centered around two thoughts:

How can we get men to reconsider their actions?


What can our apostolate do to encourage something different for men and women?

Not an easy task given that the Wing Bowl was celebrating its 23rd year and was sold out weeks before the event date (1/30/15). You might be thinking: “How does a small grass roots apostolate like The King’s Men take on 20,000+ plus and mostly intoxicated attendees, an ever growing list of porn sponsors and a Howard Stern like sports talk radio program to advertise the event daily?” The truth of the matter is, TKM is not equipped to do so, but God can do anything. Continue reading