Pierced by the Light

There is an issue that is facing our Church and world that is rarely being spoken of.  Over the course of the past 12 years in full-time men’s ministry this issue has only come up a couple of times. But this past year and particularly in the last couple of months, the issue has become prevalent in my mind’s eye.  I am speaking of the dark world of child pornography.

There are few who dare to speak of this issue in faith based circles and not much more in non-faith based environments.  So why do I feel a need to blog about this now?  Its because the issue will not go away by being silent.  The more I share what the Lord is revealing to me about this issue within my close circles, the more I learn that people are affected by it.

Steve Arterburn wrote a book called “Every Man’s Battle” when it came to exposing the issue of pornography.  Dare I say it, child pornography is every person’s battle because it affects our children.  We all need to take a step back and ask ourselves one question:

Would I protect an innocent child from being abused in this way?

I think most of us would say we would, but we might not know how to get involved in protecting these children.  We can get involved by being more outspoken about it and helping those who are caught up in it.

Over 50% of all the child porn comes from the United States. As of ten years ago, it was a 3 billion dollar industry.  I would gather that today it is likely doubled that amount maybe even tripled. How many people in your care and periphery are being swept up in those numbers?  I venture to guess more than you realize.  If 50% of faith filled men, church going men, are struggling with pornography, then the percentages would be shockingly high that some of these men are dabbling or are heavily involved with child porn.  We are talking about millions of men and women trapped in the snares of the multi-billion dollar pornography industry.  The numbers would logically point to the conclusion that many are being caught up in the more deviant world of child porn.

Don’t believe it?  You may be saying to yourself: “I look at porn, but never would l consider looking at kiddie porn!”  Really?  What was your porn viewing habits like 10 years ago? What was the content like?  Is it different today?  Likely so.  What will it look like 10 years from now?  If you believe that it will be same as today, you are kidding yourself.

The reality is like with any drug, the effects of the narcotic lessen the longer we use it. Often it takes a stronger drug to bring us to the high we are seeking.  The longer a person looks at porn, the more likely the porn will get more deviant and ultimately illegal. What was once the unthinkable has just become thinkable.  Hard core porn between supposed consenting adults moves into the barely legal viewing content and quite soon, the dark world of child porn is bridged.  Common story and it only gets worse from there.

The King’s Men apostolate is seeking to be a light in the unthinkable darkness of the world of child porn.  Too many men are being trapped by this evil and tragic lie of Satan.  We must reach out to these men.  For you see, these people are not low lifes who are hiding in dark back alleys, but friends, family members, co-workers and parishioners like you and me.  We must help them find healing and freedom from this dark lie.  The King’s Men are working on a video documentary to expose this lie and help bring light into this darkness. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates about this project which is planned to be released in 2017.