“Summer, Summertime…Just Sit Back And Unwind”

Do you remember that ditty back in the early nineties?  will smithWill Smith coined that lyrical refrain and I thought it was apropos given this July blog and what happens to our life when we find ourselves in these lazy, hazy days of summer.  Is your faith taking a break this summer? Beware, the summer is a great time to reconnect with family and take some long needed R&R, but there is a danger in letting your faith take a prolonged siesta.

Remember when King David was on the rooftop of his palace at the time when “King’s go out on campaign” (2 Samuel 11:1)?  Although this time in the Old Testament reading is the springtime, I am going to apply it to the summertime here.  david on rooftopThe sun is shining longer and we are prone to distraction and so it begs the question we must ask ourselves: am I taking a vacation from my prayer life?  Have I lost the  spiritual disciplines that I have been attempting to acquire throughout the year?  Why do we do this?  I think the answer for me and us, primarily as men, lies in an attitude of complacency.

St. AugustineSt. Augustine prayed: “Lord, reveal me to myself.”  What is true about me Lord today?  Am I being lazy?  Could my prayer life be better?  Where do I still need to grow in my masculine faith journey?  Where do I need to grow so as to become as holy as I should?

These are not easy questions to ask oneself.  Certainly, these self growth type of questions are difficult to even evaluate.  Perhaps this is why men avoid asking them and, dare I say it, is why the season of summer is such a time of complacency when it comes to faith matters.  I think this is a very worthwhile meditation for us as men.  Are you taking a siesta in your faith journey?  Are you content to just do what you have always done faith wise, or is the Lord calling you to more?  I am inclined to say that the Lord is always calling us to more and always to greater degrees of holiness.

This is where The King’s Men can really help a man or woman now.  Come on retreat with us!  Come to an Into the Wild or Samson retreat weekend if you are a man.  If you are a woman, come to our inaugural Judith Retreat.  Don’t let the summertime take you away from the daily opportunities the Lord is giving you to get to know Him better.  Yes, rest and re-charge your batteries, but never rest from your relationship with God.  I can assure you, He never rests from being a father and brother to you.

Be blessed!

Mark Houck