3 Ways to Reclaim Marriage in our Country

White House Rainbow

The White House lit up in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court June 26th Obergefell v. Hodges ruling.

How did you feel when the June 26th Obergefell v. Hodges ruling came crashing down upon our nation? What did you think when our President lit up the White House in rainbow colors that night? Did you have any reaction? Were you surprised by the ruling? Do you feel deflated by it? Are you emotionally flat about it and really not affected at all? I am writing this blog to encourage, inspire and stir you to action.

The battle that most of us were waging to defend traditional marriage is over. We lost that battle. Now, a new battle is set before us. We need to take back marriage. It is ours. Gifted to us by Almighty God; it is our job as Christians to reclaim it for Him. How are we going to do that you might be asking?

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TKM Brings Christ to the 2015 Philly Wing Bowl

The King's Men, Wing Bowl Outreach, fight pornography

Battlers from inaugural 2014 Wing Bowl Outreach

In the wake of our recent Federal Court Victory, as The King’s Men pondered our 2nd annual outreach at the Wing Bowl, our primary thinking centered around two thoughts:

How can we get men to reconsider their actions?


What can our apostolate do to encourage something different for men and women?

Not an easy task given that the Wing Bowl was celebrating its 23rd year and was sold out weeks before the event date (1/30/15). You might be thinking: “How does a small grass roots apostolate like The King’s Men take on 20,000+ plus and mostly intoxicated attendees, an ever growing list of porn sponsors and a Howard Stern like sports talk radio program to advertise the event daily?” The truth of the matter is, TKM is not equipped to do so, but God can do anything. Continue reading

TKM Triumphs in Federal Court

The King's MenWith the looming prospect of taking the stand to defend our actions of the past 8 years, TKM Founder Mark Houck, Director of Operations Chuck Harvey and 5 other brothers and 1 sister in Christ entered Federal Judge Patrice Tucker’s court room this past Monday. The long journey to this day in court was upon us, but none of us thought it would end so abruptly.

In 2011, the sexually oriented business (SOB) known as Adult World filed a lawsuit against The King’s Men and some of its members. It marked the first time that an SOB had attempted to sue TKM for exercising its First Amendment rights. It was not the first time TKM had been involved in litigation, but a lawsuit seeking damages of $50,000 per person and the TKM organization was something none of us were expecting. Continue reading

3 Ways to Unite with the Middle Eastern Persecuted

“With men, women, and children being martyred in the Middle East for their faith, how can we Americans stand in solidarity with them?”

I was asked this question recently on a radio program, and have continued to ponder it over the past week. Through it we see a beautiful witness to the human heart and its longing to be united with those who are suffering. That’s love. That’s Jesus.

So what do we do? It’s easier than you think.

1. Pray and fast for persecuted Christians and non-Christians, and pray for our enemies daily. So often the response to prayer is “Oh, that’s nice. How about something practical.” Prayer unites our hearts to God, and it is precisely in this unity that the spirit moves us to deliver in the “practical” corporal works of mercy. If we jump immediately to the practical, what tends to happen is we go online, buy a bag of rice, and then get on with our day feeling justified. The practical without prayer easily corrupts our motives for good towards serving our own emotional justification. It can also lead easily to a demonization of our enemy. How many times have you heard in the last week something along the lines of “Those monsters in ISIL have a special place in hell?” Tempting as it may be, they are the ones who need our prayers most. I assure you the Middle Eastern Christians are praying for the conversion of ISIL. We unite God’s kingdom in prayer. Continue reading