TKM Triumphs in Federal Court

The King's MenWith the looming prospect of taking the stand to defend our actions of the past 8 years, TKM Founder Mark Houck, Director of Operations Chuck Harvey and 5 other brothers and 1 sister in Christ entered Federal Judge Patrice Tucker’s court room this past Monday. The long journey to this day in court was upon us, but none of us thought it would end so abruptly.

In 2011, the sexually oriented business (SOB) known as Adult World filed a lawsuit against The King’s Men and some of its members. It marked the first time that an SOB had attempted to sue TKM for exercising its First Amendment rights. It was not the first time TKM had been involved in litigation, but a lawsuit seeking damages of $50,000 per person and the TKM organization was something none of us were expecting.

As crazy as the SOB claims were about us, their attorneys were successful in generating an injunction hearing, which was just as quickly denied by Judge Tucker. They managed to create a 2 hour deposition of the TKM founder with a line of questioning spanning everything from Canon Law to an examination of ridiculous conspiracy theories. Add to that an extremely uncomfortable mediation hearing which served only to frustrate and perplex our superb legal team and leave us as defendants questioning ourselves and one another. Finally, with a jury trial scheduled for January 12th, it was possible, albeit a remote one, that the unthinkable could happen. Still the 8 of us entered the 16th floor courtroom confident, but uncertain as to how a jury of our peers would perceive our altruistic actions.

And the truth shall set you free! The reality of our situation was that Adult World and its attorneys had no case against TKM and the 8 defendants. It was a dog and pony show filled with ridiculous trumped up charges and frivolous and costly court proceedings. With the threat of a countersuit against Adult World seeking damages, their attorneys thought the wiser and decided to submit to the court an acceptable resolution to the case.

Into the Wild Catholic Men's RetreatThe long story short, the case was dismissed. TKM maintains its current legal rights to stand and give witness to the harms of the multi-billion dollar porn industry by standing in front of Adult World. For the past 8 years, TKM has stood along the right of way and along the right side of the property of Adult World ministering to the many men and women patronizing the SOB. Judge Patrice Tucker accepted the resolution submitted by Adult World and agreed to by TKM and the 8 defendants and declared, once and for all, that TKM has a right to continue in the time, space and manner which they have always conducted their No More Porn Tours on Upper State Road in Montgomeryville.

All thanks be given to God for this victorious end result!   Also, a tremendous bid of thanks is in order to the law firm of Clymer, Musser and Conrad and the Independence Law Center which represented TKM in this case. Jeff Conrad, Emily Bell and Randall Wenger were phenomenal in their professionalism and handling of this difficult and, at times, emotionally draining lawsuit. Finally, thanksgiving is in order for the Alliance Defending Freedom funds which enabled our attorneys to offer their services pro bono to TKM.

Please join TKM in praying for these legal outfits which are always at the ready when it comes to helping organizations engage the culture by defending our First Amendment rights.

Finally, we continue to pray, and invite all others to pray for the staff and owners of Adult World, and for their conversion to the reality of the true dignity of the human person. You were never our enemy, and we long to be united with you in the Body of Christ.

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