Masculine Genius Institute Ready to Kickoff!

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For years, I have been hearing about Catholic men’s leaders attempting to bridge the gap between hundreds of lay Catholic men’s groups and initiatives throughout the country. Some have been successful at galvanizing men throughout the years to their own initiatives, but bringing men together for a program that benefits all is quite another.  In truth, I have yet to see this be accomplished and the benefits be realized by all in attendance.

Well, say no more.  The King’s Men have put together a program for men’s leaders that will most definitely benefit all in attendance, all Catholic men’s groups and all existing Catholic’s men’s programming.

I say this with confidence because I know that the upcoming Masculine Genius Institute’s (MGI) inaugural summit is going to be bringing leaders together from all across the United States.  Both Catholic and Protestant lay and clerical leaders will be coming to the gorgeous grounds at Mundelein Seminary, Mundelein, Illinois on Wednesday May 18 through Friday May 20.  The Cardinal Stritch Retreat Center will be hosting, lodging and feeding men and women from Alaska, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey and there is still space for more.

Borrowing from Princeton’s Witherspoon Institute, MGI’s inaugural summit will be bringing together research from some the of the greatest Catholic minds in the Church today. Collectively, these scholars will be presenting on the theme: “Forging a Vision of Manliness” and its understanding throughout the ages.  Beginning with Genesis and moving through Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas up to Pope Leo XIII and St. John Paul II, the research presented will help to establish an authentic vision for manliness, something which has truly been lost on our culture.

Emerging from the Summit, will be two publications.  The first publication will be the hard research as presented during the three days of the Summit.  The second, will be the findings and recommendations.  This literature will be made available post the conference and will benefit all men’s apostolates and all in the Church today.

For more information about the upcoming Summit and to register visit