Wing Bowl 24…The Beginning of the End!

Wing bowl 24The rumor is The Wing Bowl might be coming to a close in 2017!  Praise God that this Sodom and Gomorrah like event is going to end.  Whether for altruistic reasons or just the city has lost interest in this annual spectacle of debauchery, lewdness and gluttonous wing eating, the event which The King’s Men have been demonstrating against for the past three years will no longer be exploiting women and encouraging poor male behavior.  That is a victory for the city, for women, and for TKM!

Despite this bit of rumored good news, The Wing Bowl continued its masquerading in 2016.  On Friday February 5th, TKM gathered for another year of outreach at the Wells Fargo Center.  Unlike last year’s weather, TKM’s faithful brothers had some very inclement weather and conditions to deal with along with the usual intoxicated attendees. We had much to offer up that day as we interceded on behalf of the thousands of men and hundreds of women present at this  so-called “sports” event.

This year, Pastor Bill Devlin and myself decided to enter the Wells Fargo parking lot to engage the patrons in a new way.  With my “94 WIP Exploits Women” sign in hand and Bill’s Bible in his, we approached the tailgaters and ticket holders waiting to get into the Wells Fargo Center.  What a reception we received!  We got everything from a deer in headlights to some really non-sensical banter.  No man or woman with a Wing Bowl ticket in-hand had anything really substantial to contribute to our conversation.  Pastor Bill desired to share the love of Jesus of Christ while I took the approach of challenging the men to love and protect women especially their wives at home.

I wish I could tell you that hearts were changed instantly as a result of our efforts and words.  We know not the good we did and the effects of our conversations, but we do know that TKM stood in the gap for these lost souls.  We prayed all four mysteries of the Holy Rosary while the event was taking place.  We spiritually binded the demons of lust and unchastity.  We called upon God’s mercy for ourselves and those in the Wells Fargo Center and then…we left.  Mission accomplished!  We did what we were called to do as men: lead, protect and provide for those in our care and periphery.

A big thank you to the men who joined us.  Thank you for witnessing to the harms of the Wing Bowl when you could easily have done something else with your time that Friday. Thank you for your manly courage and brotherly love.   See you next year and please God for the last time!