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Authentically Catholic. Unapologetically Masculine.

Please support the Houck family as they fight the current cultural evils and defense of the sanctity of life.  Your financial support will help the Houck family and TKM ministry stay the course and fight the good fight.

our Mission

Under Christ the King’s universal call to serve, we as men, pledge to unite and build up other men in the mold of leader, protector, and provider through education, formation, healing, and action.

About the King’s Men

The King’s Men is a Roman Catholic lay apostolate faithfully executing on its mission to help men across the country and around the world be better husbands, fathers and leaders.  During its 15 year history the apostolate has supported the formation of 50 weekly men’s accountability groups across 30 dioceses, run over 60 dynamic weekend retreats, delivered presentations and workshops at hundreds of conferences, given courageous witness in defense of human life and the dignity women leading to the closure of more than 20 sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) and positively influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of men.

support our efforts

Genuine masculinity and Catholic values are under attack now more than ever.  Men of all walks of life are struggling to live their faith and looking for genuine fellowship and peer role models they can trust. 

The King’s Men receives no grants or funding from any parish, diocese or other organization; charges no membership dues and is totally dependent on direct donations from individuals.  Will you help Mark Houck and his team of volunteer servant leaders continue in their mission to help as many men as possible more fully live the life God is calling them to?

With your generous gift we can:

  • Deliver Samson Men’s Healing Retreats on the east and west coast to help ~20 – 40 spiritually and emotionally wounded men per year, many of whom could not afford the travel or cost 
  • Support our 40+ men’s fellowship groups across the country with leadership guidance, content and programming so they can continue to serve over 400 active members who meet weekly to hold each other accountable as they strive to build virtue
  • Deliver dynamic Into the Wild Retreats (40 – 100 men each – including many father and son attendees) to help men deepen their faith in an exciting and meaningful way
  • Design and deliver our first David Retreat specifically for veterans, built on the highly successful Samson model
  • Execute more weekend Service Projects (for the Discalced Carmelite sisters in Fairfield, PA) with working groups of 8 – 14 volunteers including father & son teams   
  • Continue our battles against harmful pornography and businesses that objectify women and strengthen our pro-life efforts to support mothers and children in crisis
  • Cover the costs of our overly lean leadership staff, communications, outreach and administrative activities as well as tax and legal expenses to sustain the apostolate and spread the word to more men in need

please donate now to ensure the king’s men continues its good work for another 15 years . . . and beyond!

The King’s Men Blog

The Next Steps in the Journey

Brothers & Sisters in Christ, we are still engaged in a battle.  Perhaps some of you have kept up with our story and are aware of all that is happening.  For those of you who are not, this blog is for you. I will be testifying before Congress in May in...

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It Is Finished

It Is Finished

It was January 23rd, the night before my trial, and my wife and I were about to enter into some deep prayer.  We arranged for an all night adoration at our parish.  We did not know the love that would be poured out upon us through the men and women that...

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Join your brothers in the battle for life

We continue to witness outside of Planned Parenthood weekly on Wednesdays from 10-2 PM. 

Contact us to join Mark Houck and others in giving prayerful witness to the truth and dignity of all human life and helpful encouragement to mothers in crisis to make the right choice!


Into the Wild Retreat

Check back for details on the next retreat


Healing Retreat


for hope and healing from past hurts, pain and current struggles in their lives

Upcoming Retreats: March 2024 & November 2024

Interested in forming a TKM group at your parish?   

The fundamental formation initiative and real heart of The King’s Men are highly effective weekly formation and accountability meetings offered in a growing number of locations. Developed and refined by experts in masculine spirituality, these meetings combine prayer, education, and an action-oriented component called the Four C’s. The meetings offer men an opportunity to grow in virtue and accountability using the Biblical maxim that “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17).

10 + 1 =

Recent TKM Service Projects

supporting the carmelite nuns

We jumped in to help the Discalced Carmelites in Fairfield, PA during the construction of a new monastery.

Contact us to join one of our service projects this year. 

our 15th Anniversary

2021 marks our 15th year – we’re celebrating our achievements and looking forward to a long healthy future – always striving to help more and more men grow in their faith in meangingful ways . . .


dynamic events delivered!

49 Into the Wild – authentically masculine outdoor experiential retreats – attended by nearly 4,000 men uniting and edifying them as leaders, protectors and providers

Over 20 Samson Healing Retreats for men (plus Judith retreats for women) serving nearly 300 attendees across the United States & Canada – supporting and helping in recovery victims of abuse, post traumatic stress, abortion, divorce & infidelity, addiction and many other wounds 

More than 12 one-day conferences & days of recollection building up over 450 men

8 Leadership Workshops conducted in 8 dioceses which have successfully generated 14 TKM men’s groups

outreach and evangelization

TKM Founders featured on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” series early in the apostolate’s history – see the engaging videos here on our site

Nearly 250 original and authentically Catholic radio programs produced reaching hundreds of thousands of men and women around the globe

2 books on masculinity as well as a TKM Leader’s Resource Manual published with over 10,000 copies currently in print

Awareness and education brochures for parents on the issue of pornography  distributed throughout every diocese in the US with several thousand in print

3 Masculine Genius Institute conferences co-sponsored developing original content and research on healthy masculinity – 3 CD sets published thus far – over 100 men and women have attended

Hundreds of thousands of Men Reached

10 men have discerned a priestly, religious or deaconate vocation partly due to their engagement in TKM programming with 5 achieving ordination

22 Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs) have closed as a direct or indirect result of TKM’s positive, prayerful witness efforts

50 men’s groups formed across 30 dioceses building up over 500 men per week through TKM’s formation and accountability model

Over 1,000 lectures delivered at men’s conferences, retreats, days of recollection, workshops and rallies throughout North America and Europe reaching an estimated 300,000+ men and women