St. Paul instructs, “Test Everything”…Good Time To Do So!

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St. Paul instructs, “Test Everything”…Good Time To Do So!

St. Paul was a wise, extremely intelligent and very much a man in touch with the pulse of his times. His words to the early Church of Thessalonica are good to reflect on in light of the recent events politically. St. Paul advises us to “hold fast to what is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

I am holding fast to all of the good that President Trump did in the past four years. What about you?

In truth, there is no president who has ever done more for the pro-life movement than Donald Trump–it is not even close with any other president (see for yourself at

I am not as well versed on foreign policy, immigration or economic policies from past presidents, but I can deductively conclude that President Trump’s achievements might be commensurate with some of the best when it comes to such policies. His handling of North Korea could be measured against that of Reagan’s handling of the Soviet Union in the 1980s, albeit with much swifter results. His handling of domestic terror in the Middle East could be measured with Clinton’s handling of Muammar Gaddafi or Bush W’s handling of Osama Bin Ladin or Saddam Hussein. The economy could find resurgence comparisons with that of the post Depression and WWII era and would certainly rival, if not surpass, the economy during the Clinton administration.

But again, the pro-life record of President Trump shines the brightest in light of his efforts in the past four years. After all, as the pro-life movement has always said, if you are right on the life issue, likely you will be right on many other important issues. In my opinion, President Trump was.

As far as the character of the man, I cannot speak much about that as I personally don’t know the man. I can say that I very often had a distaste for his choices in words either via social media or during his hard to watch debates. That said, I recognize that Donald Trump is not a perfect man. Who among us is? But I “hold fast” to the great good that he did. His Supreme Court Justice appointees, alone, will speak to the legacy of his presidency, and no impeachment process nor any invoking of the 25th Amendment can ever take that away from his time in the Oval Office.

Arguably, President Donald Trump did everything he said he would do when he campaigned for the presidency back in 2016. In all honesty, how many Presidents can say that? He strived to always be honest with the American people and perhaps this was to his great downfall.

But in the end, Donald Trump can leave the nation’s highest office with his head held high, and those of us who voted for him should do the same.

Regardless of the tragic 11th hour hysterics in Washington, D.C., President Trump worked hard for the American people. He took no salary for himself and worked harder in 4 years than the vacation prone Barack Obama did in 8 years. I still can’t believe that President Obama spent nearly $300,000 of American tax payer dollars to fly Air Force One back to DC to collect their family dog while the Obama’s vacationed in Hawaii. President Trump would have never have thought of such poor use of the American tax payers hard earned dollars.

The results are in and time will tell the legacy of this past president. I am grateful for his efforts for the pro-life movement. I hold onto the memory of his live address at the March for Life, which no President has ever done prior. I hold onto his very Catholic St. Thomas Becket proclamation in the twilight of his presidency. I hold onto his defense of the Catholic Church during the pre and post-coronavirus. I hold onto his defense of Catholic chaplains in the military when Congress proposed cutting all need for Catholic chaplaincy funds from the military budget. I hold fast to the memory of Fr. Scalia (the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s son), praying in the Oval Office at the launch of his first term seeking God’s providence, blessing and mercy upon the next four years of service to the American people.

In short, thank you President Trump for being the most Catholic President we have ever had in the White House.

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