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Brothers & Sisters in Christ, we are still engaged in a battle.  Perhaps some of you have kept up with our story and are aware of all that is happening.  For those of you who are not, this blog is for you.

I will be testifying before Congress in May in the attempt to continually expose the weaponization of the Government and bring to light the terrorization of my children and wife in an early dawn raid back in September 2022.  So much has happened since then and so much good has come from this.  I cannot stress that enough.  Indeed, God has brought forth so many graces and blessings through this persecution and suffering.  I am truly a blessed man!

Let’s recap some of what has happened since I was unanimously acquitted of all Federal charges on January 30th.  

  • Invited to State of the Union with wife on February 7th by Freedom Caucus Chair, Congressman Scott Perry (PA)
  • Invited to Legatus Summit in Florida on February 9th to replace Legendary Coach Lou Holtz for opening talk of 2023 summit
  • Travel to CA for family interview with Lila Rose of Live Action week of 2/11-16
  • Keynote Speaker at 2 Catholic Men’s Conferences in Indiana (2/18) & New Jersey (2/25) 
  • March 2nd, Ignatius Press expresses interest in publishing my journal from arrest to trial (stay tuned for more details)
  • March 3-4, Maryland Speaking Tour with son Mark Jr.
  • March 5th, Speaker at Philly Men’s Conference
  • March 9-10, Peachtree City, GA Holy Trinity Parish Mission & TKM Men’s Group Retreat
  • Invited to National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC on March 14th
  • March 16th, Keynote Speaker for Providence Pregnancy Fundraiser in Scranton, PA 
  • March 30-April 2, Samson Retreat for Men, Hammonton, NJ
  • April 20-23, Samson Retreat for Men, San Antonio, TX

Needless to say, things have been busy for the Houck family.  I am sharing these opportunities not to boast in anything we did, but to boast in what God has done.  God has given us a tremendous platform to proclaim His goodness, mercy and forgiveness.  What a gift it has been to share the grace of Christ in the midst of our suffering and cross.  

After the apostles left the upper room (ironically my upper room was the 6th floor of the Federal Building in Philadelphia), they boldly proclaimed Christ crucified and His resurrection.  I feel as though we have been doing the same and isn’t appropriate that we find ourselves right in the middle of the Easter Season.  We are truly an Easter people!

My family and I continue to say YES to the many opportunities to share our story, albeit with some fatigue.  The story is resonating with many people and transcending denominations, creed, and political ideology.  It is a compelling witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a humbling invitation from our Lord.  We are trying to be generous with this moment so as to share Christ’s victory over death and sin.  This is His invitation to all of us.  We are truly unworthy servants, but God has called us and you dear friend, to be His hands and feet.  I pray that our story will continue to inspire others and enable us to advance our mission at TKM and as disciples of Christ.

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