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Brothers & sisters in Christ, it is official. I have arrived at Station VII.  Since my last update, I was awaiting the consolation of God through His Holy Mother, St. Simon and St. Veronica.

Mary has and continues to be an impenetrable anchor for me and my family.  The Holy Rosary, and in particular the family rosary, has been the weapon of choice along with the Sacrament of Confession.  Our Lady is very gentle and loving to her children.  I know she is very close to us and I have felt her presence in the midst of this current journey.  Her comforting maternal embrace is truly a gift to all of us her children.  I especially feel like our Lady is very close when her children are being persecuted just as she was for her only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Why would she not, right?

There have been many Simons along the Way.  I thank you if you have been such for me at this time.  If you have sent an encouraging message, you were a Simon for me. If you reached out to pray and offer support both monetarily and emotionally, you have been a Simon for me.  If you asked me to share a meal, you were a Simon for me.   Many Simons from many years in the past have come forward to, once again, offer their support and love.  I thank you dear brothers, sisters and friends from the bottom of my heart.   If Jesus needed a Simon, how much more do we?

Veronica is a unique station.  What an interesting encounter for our Lord.  The ‘feminine genius” , as St. John Paul II called her, and all women who complement and collaborate with men, is there for us.  Truly, I have seen some amazing women step forward to encourage my spirit and heart at this difficult time.  These are truly women of great grace with much wisdom.  Their spiritual refreshment and compassionate outreach whether it was with a meal being dropped off for the family, a courageous introduction or the sharing of scripture.   I thank you my dear sisters in Christ for your love and amazing support at this time.

Sation VII – Jesus Falls a Second Time.  Weary was Christ no doubt.  The weight of the cross seemed to be unbearable for Him.  For me, the trial is just over a month away.  It is a heavy weight–the unknown element that is.  What is the trial going to look like?  How are they going to portray me in court?  A villain? A hero? Or worse. As someone who doesn’t care about people, babies, my children or the elderly.  What will be the outcome?  If convicted, what will the sentence be, if any?  Federal Prison—what will that be like?  Will I be close to my family?  Will I have time with my family before they put me behind bars?  These are just some of the many questions marinating in my head.  No doubt the Father of Lies is whispering most of this garbage.  in my darkest moments, he offers much worse.

I still claim Victory in Christ. I trust in God’s providence.  I trust in the Way of the Cross.  Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). I know I am following Christ whatever the outcome of this trial.  I know that God has an amazing plan for me, my family and the ministry of The King’s Men.  Thank you for praying with me, staying with me, and sustaining me with your love and support.

I know the remaining stations will be the hardest.  Yet, they will be filled with much grace, forgiveness and glory.  Please continue to walk with me.

Your brother in Christ,

Mark Houck

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