Walk with Me as I Travel the Way of the Cross

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Walk with Me as I Travel the Way of the Cross

Dear Friends,

It has been a real gift being able to carry this cross with you.  God has chosen me and my family, at this particular time, to carry this burden, but we know we are not alone. We truly feel the love, support and prayers being offered as we face this great trial and persecution in our lives.

Allow me to offer some insight into the last four weeks since all this went down at my house on 9/23 at 7AM.  We call it the “new normal”.  Each week has brought with it daily visitors, frequent cards, hundreds of text and email messages that are mostly encouraging.  We have had our share of unannounced visitors which rattles our children still to this day. The sight of a police officer scares the little ones and shakes their fragile constitutions.  We have had quite a few nasty and threatening emails.  We have had a Cardinal (Gerhard Mueller), a bishop (Joe Coffey), and two priests (my pastor Fr. Jeff Stecz & Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA) visit the home to offer blessings, encouragement, support and to say Holy Mass.  

Because of our concern for our children’s well-being and safety, we had a gate installed at the front entrance of our property so news crews and unwanted or unsolicited guests would cease coming onto the private property of our home.  We installed cameras on our front doorbell to video and record whomever might come to visit us.  We are a little more aware of people these days and their behaviors.

We have been told that my ability to coach my son’s football team may be in jeopardy due to the pending charges.  Our homeschool is a bit more disrupted due to frequent interviews, phone and zoom calls, and legal team conversations. We have tried to maintain normalcy, but as I said, it is a new normalcy.

The weight of the cross is heavy for sure.  I have been looking at this journey as truly the stations of the cross—my own personal via dolorosa.  Arraignment was Station I.  Beginning the journey towards my trial is when I officially took up the cross at Station II.  Currently, I am at Station III, Jesus Falls the First Time.  

I am here because the cross is growing heavier.  While the weight and the burden looms larger, I know Christ’s yoke is easy and His burden is Light (Matthew 11:30).  He is doing most of the heavy lifting.  Yet, despite this knowledge and the deep sense of awareness that I have at this time, I feel overwhelmed by the media and the narrative that is being portrayed.  Some position me a hero while others cast me a villain.  His Eminence, Cardinal Mueller, compared this experience to that of the journey of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Wow!  I guess from a human rights standpoint, the pre-born child’s rights are just as important—NO—they are even more important than the lives Dr. King was attempting to protect because the innocent pre-born child has no voice.  

Paraphrasing what Uncle Mordecai said to Queen Esther, I believe, perhaps for such a time as this, I have been called (Esther 4:14).   And in a certain sense, we, as a pro-life community, have all been called.  We know that this battle is the greatest of our day.  We rejoice in suffering, even small or large inconveniences, for these most innocent of lives.  It is the least we can do, yes?  As Jesus proclaimed, “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of Mine, you did it for Me” (Matthew 25:40).

As a former Free Safety, I was always the last line of defense on my team. I covered for blown assignments and supported all of my teammates in their efforts in the overall defensive scheme.  I relish being able to stand in the gap as the last line of defense at the abortion mills.  I am good at it and it is part of who I am.  At this time, I am unable to stand in the gap and that is a weight that I carry.  I am advised to avoid where I feel called.  Still, I know that God’s will is going to be done and others will rise up and step in my shoes.  I pray many who read this will be inspired to step up and proclaim the injustice and defend the innocent pre-born child. 

I don’t know what the future holds.  I do know that God has ordained that this would happen and in the manner in which it transpired.  My family and I trust in His goodness and plan, whatever the outcome.  My family and I are diligently focusing on the kids healing after such an act of terror shook them to their cores.  We know the victory is already won, and we will continue to carry this cross, fight the good fight, and run the race.  I bear my cross proudly with my children in tow.  Truly, my wife has revealed a strength that I never knew she had at this time. 

We are fortified by all the support that continues to pour forth in love towards our family.  I look forward to updating you on my journey to Calvary.  I know that my Holy Mother Mary awaits me and Sts. Simon and Veronica are near as well.

God bless you,

Mark Houck

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