The King’s Men

What we do

As Iron Sharpens Iron, so One Man sharpens another


Men’s Groups

The fundamental formation initiative and real heart of TKM are highly effective weekly formation and accountability meetings offered in a growing number of locations. Developed and refined by experts in masculine spirituality, these meetings combine prayer, education, and an action-oriented component called the Four C’s. The meetings offer men an opportunity to grow in virtue and accountability using the Biblical maxim that “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17).

“I believe that my involvement has made me a better father, husband and stronger man in Jesus.”

Outdoor Experiential Retreat

Into the Wild

The King’s Men, in an ongoing effort to fully actualize the mission of building up and uniting men, have summoned an exemplary group of leaders with a diverse set of skills and expertise to plan and implement a challenging and invigorating weekend for men – Into the Wild. Building on the principle that “Grace builds upon nature”, Into the Wild is primarily an outdoor, skill-oriented weekend focused on providing men with experiences linked to a man’s natural vocation of Leader, Protector, and Provider.

Healing Retreat


After 10 years of working with men, The King’s Men apostolate recognized the need to develop an outreach whereby men can heal from their past hurts and existing trials and struggles. Through the Samson program, men are united in a brotherhood with other men who are seeking freedom and meaning from their past pain. The journey towards freedom, healing, forgiveness and peace begins, continues and ends for some at our spiritually intensive Samson weekends.

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Unleashing Your Warrior Within

This talk presents to men the archetypical image of the “warrior” as foundational to the development of authentic masculinity. Men will learn the benefits and consequences of being engaged in a noble battle and leave this dynamic presentation truly energized and equipped with the knowledge they need to prepare for battle.

Home Invasion

Protecting Your Home Against Unwanted Guests

This talk educates men and women about the dangers of pornography and how their home and children are the unsuspecting targets of the multi-billion dollar porn industry. This presentation will challenge parents and adults alike to take preventative counter measures against the purveyors and peddlers of pornography both on the Internet and television.


The Primary Battleground for Men

This talk challenges men to take up their post in the greatest fight in the world today—the pro-life fight! In this talk, Men will walk away from this presentation inspired to put themselves at the service of God’s Holy Will when it comes to protecting all human life.

Authentic Catholic Men

leadership training

Over the past many years, TKM has seen a tremendous desire and need in men around the country for formation and accountability. We receive requests weekly from men who desire to start a men’s group in their area. In an attempt to easily and effectively create opportunities for men to not only start a group but to have a group that is thriving and long-lasting, we continue to create training resources and procedures. One of these resources is our “Leader’s Training Workshop.”